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The port of Saint-Tropez

A 10-minute walk from our hotel

With its history tied to the sea, Saint-Tropez has always been - and still is - a “child of the sea”. Located a few minutes from the hotel, the port of Saint-Tropez is a testimony to this maritime history. While today it is exclusively a pleasure port, for a long time it was dedicated to fishing and coastal trade along the coasts of Provence and Liguria. The economic heart of the town, the port was home to the third fleet of the French Mediterranean coast. It also generated numerous vocations since more than 300 sailors obtained their ocean-bound captaincy certificates from the town’s Hydrographic School. Among them, Léon Ignace Gardanne distinguished himself by sailing from England to Chile in 1903 in only 56 days, a true record for the time.

Today, the port of Saint-Tropez is still at the heart of the town. A major stop on the Mediterranean with its 734 berths spread across two basins, walk around the port and you’ll find a stunning display of luxury yachts moored there. It is also the site of numerous nautical events like the three-day Giraglia regatta, the Voiles de Saint-Tropez regatta (held over a week between late September and early October), or the Trophée du Bailli de Suffren, a sailing race paying homage to the vice-admiral of the French Royal Navy under Louis XVI. Another event celebrates the history of sailing in the Mediterranean - the Voiles Latines. Italians, Sardinians, Corsicans, Spaniards from the Balearic Islands, Tunisians and Provençals gather to sail on traditional boats of what the Romans called “Mare Nostrum” (Our Sea), such as pointus, feluccas and yoles.