The hotel is a 10-minute walk from the port of Saint-Tropez.

Saint-Tropez is a maritime town, and is - as it has always been - a child of the sea. Just a few minutes from our hotel, the port offers relics of this maritime past. Although it is now a pleasure port, it was historically dedicated to fishing and transportation up and down the Provençal and Ligurian coasts. The port was the economic heart of the city, and in the late 18th century was home to the third largest fleet on France's Mediterranean coast. It also encouraged vocations, since over 300 sailors earned their qualifications as captains at the town's maritime school. Their ranks included Léon Ignace Gardanne, who set a world record in 1903 when he sailed from England to Chile in just 56 days.

Today, the port is still the heart of Saint-Tropez. It is a major Mediterranean port of call, with 734 berths distributed between two docks, and visitors can admire the impressive array of yachts anchored there. It is also the scene of a number of major sailing events, including the 3-day Giraglia regatta, the week-long Voiles de Saint-Tropez event in late September and early October, and the Trophée du Bailli de Suffren, a race-cruise in honour of Louis XVI's vice-admiral. Another event, Les Voiles Latines, celebrates Mediterranean maritime traditions. It brings together Italian, Sardinian, Corsican, Balearic, Tunisian and Provençal sailors for a gathering focused on the traditional vessels of the Mare Nostrum: pointus, feluccas, and skiffs.

From the hotel, access central Saint-Tropez, the beaches...

Shopping Bastide du Port à Saint Tropez

Shopping in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez is a fashion hot-spot and a key destination for shoppers! It is home to luxury stores, designer workshops, art galleries, and a host of boutiques selling different accessories...

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Visiter le Port Bastide du Port à Saint Tropez

The port of Saint-Tropez

The port, which was historically the economic heart of the village, is now a pleasure port. It's the perfect spot to take a walk and admire the magnificent yachts anchored there, or to watch one of the many sailing events it hosts.

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Promenade Bastide du Port à Saint Tropez

The Saint-Tropez back country

The back country has some lovely surprises on offer. Discover the exceptional natural setting of Ramatuelle, with its sweeping views of vineyards, pine forests, and the unspoiled Mediterranean capes. Gassin, ranked as one of France's most beautiful villages, will take you back to the Middle Ages with its authentic atmosphere.

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Histoire Bastide du Port à Saint Tropez

The History of Saint-Tropez

While the village dates back to antiquity, it did not become prosperous until the late 15th century. Maupassant and Signac were struck by its beauty and helped make the village famous, a reputation which was reaffirmed and spread internationally in the 1950s.

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Vie Nocturne Bastide du Port à Saint Tropez

Nightlife in Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez loses none of its daylight charms when the sun goes down. Take advantage of the warm summer nights with a vast array of nightlife: café terraces, musical bars, clubs, parties, and more...

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Plage Bastide du Port à Saint Tropez

The beaches

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez boasts a truly breath-taking coastline. Choose between the beaches at the heart of the resort and the smaller, more isolated inlets near the Pointe de la Rabiou. In Ramatuelle, the famous Pampelonne is beach not to be missed.

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